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Project Azraq

Protect the Future

Project Azraq empowers communities to protect the future of our marine ecosystems and coral reefs through education and reef monitoring.

We believe in order to protect the coral reefs we must first understand them and through understanding we develop the passion to protect them. 

Project Azraq is held up by three key pillars; marine education, reef monitoring and clean up dives. 

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Why is Project Azraq Important?

Marine ecosystems are the biggest source of oxygen on this planet; appropriately named the lungs of the blue planet. In Sinai, where Project Azraq is based; we have one of the most precious ecosystems in the world on our doorstep: the Red Sea. The Red Sea coral reef ecosystem is a refuge for corals in a world where reef ecosystems are collapsing annually. 

Additionally, our Red Sea ecosystems are affected by global threats which leave areas of coral death whilst fish stocks remain threatened. Individually and as a global community, we must change how we interact with coral reefs now in order to ensure its survival and in turn the survival of every living organism on our planet.

Reef Monitoring
Marine Education
Dive Against Debris

Marine Education


Project Azraq promotes marine education and awareness. It is our belief that a better understanding of the marine environment is essential to achieve long term protection of the coral reefs. Each of our education programmes provide a better understanding of the coral reefs; its inhabitants, the threat it faces and how we as individuals can help make a difference.

Reef Diver Programme


Project Azraq has developed a series of in-depth marine presentations based on the species they monitor and key threats the reefs are facing. 

Free Presentations


Project Azraq gives monthly presentations for both adults and children providing an insight into the coral reefs in order to empower their local community to protect the reefs.

“We need to respect the oceans and take care of them as if our lives depend on it. Because they do”- Sylvia Earle

Reef Monitoring


The Red Sea is severely understudied and remains in desperate need of consistency in data collection.

Project Azraq monitors the coral reefs of specific dive sites on a monthly basis and provides the research community with essential data needed to asses measures of protection of coral reefs ecosystem to ensure their survival.

Dive Agains Debris


Large amounts of plastic, metal, rubber, glass and other man made commodities enter our oceans every day, settling as marine debris that threatens marine life. Marine pollution is classified as one of the global problems our oceans are facing.

Project Azraq organises regular clean up dives around the Red Sea in collaboration with different organisations, dive centres and individual volunteers in order to collect and document the debris found underwater.

“There is no such thing as “away”. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere”- Annie Leonard